WHAT A WINTER! It’s not over…

Hello Brighton Estates Neighbors!

What a deep winter it’s been, and we are not finished by any means with our plowing efforts. A big THANK YOU to our plowing team and for an involved and committed neighborhood for parking responsibly and for helping each other out during this deep season.


Snow Plow

(photos courtesy of Brad Lewis)

This year, BEPOA sold enough keys to successfully fund the plow program to date. BEPOA’s new blower was a much needed addition and has been used to its potential. With the incredible amount of snow in mind, and the road clearing we will still be doing for several more weeks, we are asking for additional donations to the plow program from YOU. Especially from those of you who live in Brighton Estates and constantly use the roads.

Riley in the deep of it

Side shot of plow with Riley in deep snow

In addition to donations (any amount helps), we are also selling spring keys to property owners who have been parking below the gate with their snowmobiles. The road to the Y is mostly pavement at this time, but many of us need snowmobile transportation to navigate Brighton Estates for many more weeks.  A spring key is priced at $250 (to property owners only) and are available now. Please contact Katie Eldridge to buy yours: 435.640.2554. 



Earlier this winter, a bamboo rope perimeter was set up to mark the boundary between Park City’s property and the easement as shown in the above photo. The rope line was buried most of the winter – but the boundary still exists. If you have snowmobiles parked outside the rope line(as pictured above), please move them ASAP. We are being respectful neighbors to the City and need your helpful participation.

Thank you neighbors! Have a beautiful Spring. Look for all road updates on the GroupMe app. If you are not signed up, contact Bridgette Meinhold at 435.640.7558 to be added once you download the app on your phone.

From your BEPOA Board Members