Hello there. Your BEPOA Board has carefully evaluated the effectiveness of last years plow activities. The BEPOA Board passed a motion on September 19th to keep the 2018-19 Winter Gate Key Fee at $600 per key.

We need to be prepared for a similar snow level this coming year if we are to keep the road open all season. We also need to try to create a modest reserve in case the tractor has an unexpected breakdown.

If you need a key you can contact Bridgette Meinhold via email: She will arrange to get you a key when we are fully prepared to begin sales.

Please expect to receive the Indemnification Agreement by October 3rd via an e-blast or on this web site. By that date we will be fully ready to begin selling gate keys. We expect that UDOT will lock the gate on or about November 1, 2018 so please buy your keys at your earliest convenience.

Thank you, Mark Fischer
President, Brighton Estates Property Owners Association

Plowing Key Agreement 2018-2019 FINAL