The Brighton Estates Property Owners association is offering Lot 6, Plat 1 for sale via an auction. Please see the below County web link and exhibit identifying the property that is for sale. There is currently a minimum bid in place of $40,000. for Lot 6. Additional offers will be accepted in increments of $1,000 per bid. The auction will remain open until 5PM(MDT) on Monday, July 20th. Any Buyer must Close by Monday, August 3rd or their offer will be null and void.

Lot 6 Survey Exhibit

Please email any questions or bids to Tim Callahan, Treasurer, at and Lori Stevenson, Secretary, at It is your responsibility to confirm the receipt of your bid with either Tim or Lori prior to the July 20th deadline. Your bids will be confidential. Only Tim and Lori will have visibility to the offers until after 5PM on July 20th.