Attached is a Litigation Summary prepared by our legal team for our Annual Meeting which states where we stand with our lawsuit against Wasatch County regarding what we believe was the improper dissolution of the BESSD. Also attached is the filing we made with the Court on Wednesday. All filings are publicly available so I thought it best to share this information with our fellow property owners.

I am also requesting that you read the below excerpt from the last Wasatch County filing to the Court on November 22nd. It clearly states that Pine Canyon Property Owners Association, consisting of people who most certainly opted out of the BESSD because they have cabins and water, is working against the wishes of the Brighton Estates Property Owners Association. This group is costing us a lot of money and trying to prevent us from enjoying the benefits of home ownership which they currently enjoy. I find this to be very disappointing and hypocritical.

Of course, we will honor the Court’s ultimate decision but we are putting our case forward in hopes of eventually getting fair and equal treatment. We simply want the right to build on our platted lots. The County instructed us to form the Brighton Estates Special Service District which would provide a funding mechanism for us to construct needed infrastructure improvements, so we followed their lead. Then the Council abandoned us after intense lobbying from Pine Canyon and their associates. As a result, we have turned to the Court in hopes of getting fair and equal treatment… TBD.

Mark Fischer
President, BEPOA

2017-12-7 Litigation Summary for BEPOA v. BESSD